Runner Program: Improving Time, Speed and Skill

•Posture Analysis
•Corrective Training for Improved Technique
•Advanced Power and Endurance Training
•Vertimax Training

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Runner Program: Innovations: Improving Time, Speed and Skill

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This methodology focuses on non traditional tools and methods of training endurance athletes. Chiro Medical Group's Dr Alex Callister and Mind and the Machine Master Trainer Joel Hornsby have combined their experience and used a variety of advanced tools to create highly effective methods of consistent power production to procuce exercises that are far more effective and efficient for the runner than the standard Gym workout. These techniques have already improved many runner's skill, speed, ability and eliminated pain.
















To understand the motion of the human body one has understand the underlying structures and how they work. Knowing how the hip structure and the foot and ankle work optimally can improve a runners gait, speed, timing and recovery.


Exercise Sample Movie:














Tools for Improving Running

Methods of Training and Ideas:

•Focus on correcting in efficient motion by changing recruitment patterns through stability training and use of tools that correct alignment.
•Biomechanic similarity/Correct efficient motion/directional resistance to the prime movers (Agonist) and the opposing muscle (Antagonist). This can be emphasized by using objects that create optimal angles.
•Ability to consistently generate explosive power
•Russian Training (high repetition/time based) to increase threshold
•Ability to randomly generate explosive power
•Fartlek Methods of power and resistance training

Endurance/Power Concepts and Ideas::

•Specified Training for Agonist/Antagonist (Directional resistance for active muscles)
•Levers and understanding of Technique

'Russian' Style: This is based on the concept of the long cycle and short cycle in Kettle Bell training. The goal is to have muscular endurance over 2 to 5 Minute cycles and to optimize technique to use timing and momentum and inertia to the athletes advantage.

•Power (Rate of Force Production): Power defined is the ability to generate maximal force at maximal speed. Our overall goal with this kind of training is repitition and the ability to create a power reserve by increasing precieved and actual threshold.

Fartlek/Sustained/random output of power: Fartlek is a Swedish word that means "speed play". This form of training was developed in 1930 by Swedish national trainer Gösta Holmér ("Gösse"), and is still popular as effective method of training in middle and long-distance running.

Most activites require sustained output of power output consistantly at different points of time (when the player is 'near the ball' or has the ball or towards the end of a race, not necessarily when the don't have it or are not active in the play/event). At just about any point in most activites there will come a point when the participant has to 'turn it on' and increase their output. The concept behind a Fartlek approach to resistance training is to emphasize this ability.



Hip movement, Balance Training and Timing (Click for Movie)

The e3 fitness grip works on the basic principle of stabilizing the shoulders, back and hips. The shoulder and hip girdles are able to maintain stability through the proper positioning of the joints and the use of muscles and other soft tissues that surround these joints. If the joint is properly positioned and there is balanced muscle use, the joint creates a stable platform from which the involved extremity can perform work or execute an action, within an optimum range of motion and with increased muscular efficiency.


Vertimax Hip Flexor Power Training (Click for Movie)

The Vertimax is an All Sport/Motion training device that allows the user to perform the actual movements and skill they are training for under resistance to improve their dynamic capacity for the task.

Within the Mind and the Machine Paradigm, the Vertimax is used as an Performance Enhance tool for Sports performance and Endurance. The user works against the resistance vector determined by their motion over 2-5 minute cycles. This encourages the development of a higher precieved and actual threshold of energy output.

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