Joel restored my faith in health and fitness that had been trampled upon by all the money making schemes in the world of vanity that never work! His workout routines were targeted for my needs and he always explained why I was doing a particular exercise. He answered all my questions about health and fitness and discussed every topic of my interest with patience.

Mya Myitzu, client


Program Design

You may never have to hire another trainer again! Mind and the Machine Program Design goes far beyond basic text book or magazine workouts. Our programs are designed to make corrections to inefficient motions, and methodologies are designed to improve performance, change appearance and strengthen structures in a period of two to six weeks. The client will be taught these methodologies, concepts and ideas to the point where then can continue training safely and progressive change and vary routines themselves.

Recommended Frequency: 3 to 4 Times Weekly,

6-8 Sessions
Duration: 1 Hour
$90/ Hour



Body Mechanix , 425 Second Street, Suite 100 San Francisco, CA 94105

Voice: 415·794·2748

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